Website Package

Business Excelled Website Package: an affordable solution to have a simple and professional website providing a 24x7 advertising window for your current and potential clients to search for and research what you have to offer.


Fully transparent costs with no hidden charges, you can have your business online with us today for £379 all inclusive.


What you get:

  • Initial requirements collection exercise to capture all your website requirements to ensure we provide the best website that meets your needs.

  • A professional, clean and clear 3-page website:

    • Home Page

    • Contact Us page (includes a bespoke online form for your clients to fill in, which will be emailed straight to you when they submit it)

    • Third page of your choosing (e.g. Services, About Us);

  • Basic editorial service - grammar and spelling corrections (client provides all text and images to be used - content creation can be provided at an additional cost);

  • Mobile friendly - creating access to your website on a mobile platform;

  • Up to two minor modifications in the first 12 months of going live (What constitutes a 'minor modification' is at the discretion of Business Excelled, but can include changing some wording or image on a page. It does not include adding new pages or reformatting a whole page);

  • Complies with the Companies Act;

  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO);

  • 1 year hosting;

  • 1 year domain name (if needed).

Client to provide all text and images to be used. Content creation can be provided at an additional cost, should you need us to create the text for you. We also offer a logo design service, should you need a logo on your website.


In addition to the Business Excelled Website Package, should you require more than 3 pages, each additional page created for your website is priced at £58 per page.

Client Managed Website

Should you feel confident enough to manage your website going forward, but you just don't know where and how to get started with creating a website, we can deliver your website with full editorial access and provide training so you can fully manage and take control of it yourself. This means you have complete control of your website and don't need to factor any future costs into having someone update it for you. This is particularly beneficial if you are likely to regularly change the services and/or prices of what you are advertising on your website. Perhaps you want a page to showcase positive customer feedback, or upload images of completed projects as and when needed. Or maybe you want a page for a blog that is regularly updated. By taking control of your own website, you are able to keep your website up-to-date without relying on others to do so and with no additional costs.


This is an add-on to the Business Excelled Website Package (above), for an additional £98.


What you get:

  • A page template will be created for your website, meaning you can add additional pages to it when you want and don't have to worry formatting the font, colours or page - we set this up for you so a new page will take on the same look and feel as the rest of the website.

  • A 30 minute one-to-one session either face-to-face or over Skype for us to walk you through your website so you understand the look and feel of the back-end editorial side of it and give you a chance to ask any questions.

  • A bespoke training/reference manual to empower you with the knowledge to edit and update your site yourself.

  • Up to 2 hours basic support in the first 6 months of going live - either over the phone or Skype, so screens can be shared and navigated through together.

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