Pre-made customisable Logos


Pre-made customisable logos gives you the opportunity to create a professional brand identity at a very affordable price. 

How pre-made customisable logos work:

  • Find the logo you love below and make a note of the title of it;

  • Click the 'Order Now' button;

  • Enter all details requested in the 'Order Form' so I can customise your logo exactly to your specifications;

  • Make the payment (I accept BACS) using the pop-up window box details;

  • Your logo will be sent to you in a high quality PNG file to the email address you specify within 5 working days.

  • You have 100% ownership rights to use your logo wherever you like!


How much does a pre-made customisable logo cost?

  • At the moment, the introductory rate is priced at £12.99. 

How many of each logo is sold?

  • Each logo design is a limited edition with a maximum of 25 sold before it is taken out of the catalogue of available logos to purchase. 

How long will a logo be available to purchase for?

  • It all depends on the demand for it! Once a logo design has been sold 25 times or someone has purchased it to not be sold again, it will be taken out of the catalogue of designs. Also, if a logo isn't showing much interest, it will be taken out of the catalogue of designs and will not be available to purchase. So act fast if you want one! 

What if I love the logo so much I want it only for me and not available for anyone else?

  • Should you want to be the first and only person to purchase a specific logo, you can do this for £199 - this then secures this unique design for you only. It will not be sold to anyone else. If the logo has been used elsewhere already by a client, we will let you know and reduce the price accordingly to stop it being sold again.

What elements of the logo can be customised?

  • The colours and the text can be customised. Either provide the Hex or RGB colour codes or provide the written colours (like "lime green" or "dark grey") and I will use my design judgement to make sure the right colour pallet works for your chosen logo. If you want the background of the logo area to be transparent, say so. Please be as specific as possible in terms of what area (e.g. "the logo oval outline", or "the sub-heading text") needs to be what colour. If no colours are given, the logo will be created for you in the colours you see the logo as in the catalogue. Or simply give a colour scheme, and I will use my design expertise to incorporate the colours into the design of the logo. The text you provide will be resized correctly in the logo. In some cases the graphics may need to be resized to fit the text. Where a logo has a sub-heading, if you do not require a sub-heading, leave this field blank and the sub-heading will be removed.

Pre-made Customisable Logos Catalogue

2010C swirl
2009V identity
2010B 2 hearts
2009W big initials
2010A heart oval
2009M Paint
2009T cosmetics
2009U splash
2009K leaves
2009N feathers
2009J Nails
2009I spice
2009H Cupcakes
2009G cake
2008E flowers
2009F oval stripe
2008C sweets
2008D trees
2008B initials
2009S circle initials
2009L feet
2008A paws
2009R kitchen
2009Q roses
2009O curves
2009P flying
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2009H Cupcakes