Bespoke Business Software Tools

Bespoke business software tools support and automate your business processes and ensure all communication material is professional and consistent. From invoice templates to internal accounting of expenses to dashboards of stock levels or a risk management matrix, you tell me what you need, and I will develop the solution that is specific to your business needs at affordable one-off prices that do not require annual renewals or additional licensing costs.


I work with Microsoft Excel to create bespoke business software artifacts, because this is an essential and basic software package that my clients already have on their PCs, or have access to the free online MS Office suite, to allow them to do administration tasks such as invoicing. This means I can provide affordable solutions tailored exactly to your needs that come with the following benefits:​

  • one-off price with no annual renewal fee or licensing costs;

  • easy-to-use, uncomplicated and very intuitive;

  • portable and compatible - can be used on any PC that has Microsoft Office installed, no need to install other software or adapt your PC in any way - or simply use the free online version with any device!

By automating your administration tasks, you get the time to focus on generating sales and becoming more profitable. This is key for a successful growing businesses. 


A professional image doesn't stop with a website. The right stationery used for quotes or billing, show you have attention to detail and take pride in your work. It delivers a consistent brand image that is easily associated with you as a company with the same colours, fonts and layout. Whether it's templates to automate calculations for external client use, or for internal use by staff, or even dashboards of stock levels, I can create affordable bespoke business software tools to make your job easier and project a professional image. Please contact me today so I can discuss your requirements and start helping you reduce your administration tasks and give you time back to focus on the real profit generating business activities. 

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